After much trying, I first managed to get in contact with Anders in July 2006. Shortly after that I created the first and only known Vice Grip Throttle fansite. Due to Anders' habit of changing bands, it wasn't really feasible to create fansites for all his bands separately, therefore I decided to create a fansite about him, where all his bands could also be featured. I have been lucky enough to remain in contact with Anders, and in March 2010 I was asked by him if I would be prepared to convert my site to the Official Anders Colsefni Fansite, which was a great honor. Of course I accepted and I have simply gone from there. Please note that this website was made, and is maintained, with Anders' full knowledge and support.

Not knowing really where to start when I first created this website, I decided to go for the rather dreary black and gray color scheme that you see throughout the site. This was inspired by the opening line of the Vice Grip Throttle track 'Ashes Of Eden', which goes "When the dust had settled after the fray, all we knew had turned to ashes, burned to black and gray."

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"I will keep an eye on that, always good to know what he's doing." -- Sic_Destroyer

"Good deal. I've been on that site a few times. Nice to see that it's being updated." -- HeIsLegend

"... i see you created a damn great andy-fansite!!! much respect to you!!!" -- DoGfIsHrIsInG96

"Thanks for putting some of VGT on your site. I hadn't heard any of his stuff until now. He should be signed and touring, that is some good stuff." -- Doug Scott

"Thank you for helping Anders with your site." -- Revelation


Here is a brief list of contributors to this website...

Alex 'AgothInnCloth' Wood - Custom Paul Gray mask.
Andrew Rouw - Need you really ask?
Danny Haltiner - Pictures.
'DoGfIsHrIsInG96' - Interview.
Jesse Prizer - Exclusive banner.
John Hatterman - Painface info, permissions to use content.
Klayton Hulsberg - Pictures.
'Ozzychick' - Pictures.
'Random Hero UK' - Interview/pictures.
... plus everyone who has recorded, shared and/or uploaded videos.