Book Extracts

Extracts from the book Barcode Killers - The Slipknot Story In Words And Pictures - 2001, Chrome Dreams.

VeXX (1989-91)      Inveigh Catharsis (1991-93)
Anders Colsefni's High-School band. Played covers ranging from Kiss to Slayer, performing at school and local venues.
Josh Brainard - Guitar and Vocals
Paul Gray - Bass
Anders Colsefni - Drums

Body Pit (1993-95)
Death-metal band.
Mick Thompson - Guitar
Donnie Steele - Guitar
Danny Spain - Drums
Paul Gray - Bass
Anders Colsefni - Vocals

Painface (1997-Present Day)
Anders' post-Slipknot band with fellow ex-Body Pit member Danny Spain on drums. Death-metal style.


Extracts from the book Slipknot Unmasked (Again) by Joel McIver - 2003, Omnibus Press.

"Vexx - which later went under the slightly ridiculous name of Inveigh Catharsis - produced hard-hitting, inventive death metal: its drummer was the thick-set Anders Colsefni, an intimidating figure with a Mohican haircut. Colsefni had developed a very aggressive, uncompromising percussion technique, which became a high point of Vexx shows."


"Vocals were initially handled by Josh [Brainard], whose skills as a multi-tasking frontman were temporarily put on hold in around 1990 when Anders started to sing: Colsefni had a powerful baritone voice - rather like that of Soulfly's Max Cavalera or Testament's Chuck Billy - which suited the death metal style perfectly. Vexx spent some years playing low-key gigs with a certain degree of success; however, on looking back, Colsefni now describes it as "pointlessly technical", claiming that the band would play for the sake of complexity alone, with perhaps up to 20 chord changes in the space of a single three-minute song. Unsurprisingly, they never recorded."


"The last - and most incestuous, as it were - of the Des Moines bands was another death metal outfit called Body Pit. Anders Colsefni describes it as "very heavy death metal. Very intricate - too intricate. Eight-minute long songs, with 25 different riffs in each song. Nuts. Heavy, but nuts."