This interview with Anders Colsefni was originally conducted on 3rd September 2006 by Gary Wright aka 'wyrmfoe'.


01) Have you been in/involved with any other bands apart from: VeXX, Inveigh Catharsis, Body Pit, Slipknot, Slum-Lord, Painface, Project-X/SuperEgo, On A Pale Horse, Vice Grip Throttle and All That Crawls? (updated with Anders' recent revision)
Other than high school band, you've named them all.

02) I don't know if you are aware, but there are said to be two 'Untitled' tracks from the Crowz album, that nobody knows the names of. What are they? Are 'Genocide', 'Snout' and 'Wave Like The Pope' songs from that era? These could be the suggested untitled tracks.
Wave Like The Pope was a song we recorded for MFKR, but we cut it because it was a "ska" song, and it wasn't "US". As for the songs on "Crowz", I'm not sure. That was going on while Corey was being brought in. I stopped paying attention.

03) Aside from the following basement sessions tracks from '92, were there any others? Gently (The Genesis Track), Slipknot (Early Version), Idiot (Extended Version), Gently, Slipknot, Idiot, What's Wrong?, Wise Up.
Nope. I don't even have a copy of that!

04) Are you and Corey friends now?
Yes we are. I see him at our shows now-and-then.

05) What songs did you AND Corey appear on? I've heard a version of 'Wait And Bleed' with both of you on. What about 'Snap'?
We recorded nothing together. Wait & Bleed was written well after I'd left the band.

06) In an interview with Patrick Neuwirth, he said something about there being a vocalist before YOU, and a bassist before Paul. What are there names? I've been told by a couple of people who I've asked this question to before, that it is Heads On The Wall I'm talking about - but Pat made it sound as though it was the very early stages of what was to become SK, pre-'92, sort of even before the 'Pull My Finger' name was used.
Heads On The Wall was Shawn's first band with Kun Nong (Quan), and another guy on bass/vocals named Doug. Pat was sorta their roadie or something. That was as separate from SK as Body Pit was.

07) Are you still in touch with Pat and/or Quan?
I haven't seen Pat for 15 years, and Kun for about 6.

08) Which SK songs did Josh Brainard play auxiliary percussion on?
Nothing that I remember. He was a guitarist, and we already had 3 percussionists, so we did all of the auxillary stuff. It may have been for a show here and there. I don't remember.

09) I read in a book on SK, that during the early shows - around '95/'96 - that you threw in the odd cover song, such as one by The Misfits. Is this true? What covers did you play exactly?
We did a sludgy rendition of Hybrid Moments. I loved doing that.

10 ) Do you have any particular fond memories of your time in SK?
Sure-for about 2.5 years, one of the most influential bands of the modern era practiced with me in my basement and used the band name I made. I also got to see my personal friends make something of themselves.

11) What warranted a 'special show' - where you would wear the tape, paint and skirt?
I wore the skirt and tape always. The paint just happened spontaneously.

12) How were the samples triggered live, before Craig joined?
There WERE no samples before Craig moved from guitar to be the sampler.

13) I know that the name 'Slipknot' came from the song of the same name, but why was the song called it?
It was about the things I hated at the time, and instead of calling it "Noose", I called it Slipknot. It tightens and tightens until the hatred falls away, just like a slipknot. You can't hate forever.

14) Were there any other members in SK aside from Donnie, Josh, Pat and Quan - while you were in it? Who were they?
Nope. That's it.

15) Did the band, at any point, have any other names apart from 'Pull My Finger', 'Pull', Pygsystem', 'The Pale Ones', 'Painface', 'Meld', and finally 'Slipknot'. What were they?
Meld, Pygsystem, & Slipknot were the only names. Meld & Pygsystem were only good for one show each.

16) How come that 'Revelation' guy has got a CD with the studio version of 'Windows' on it? Who is/was he to the band? (By the way, that's seen as a great honor amongst serious SK fans - to have the studio version of 'Windows')
Revelation is a friend of mine (since 1999). He'd been a huge fan of me for some reason. He contacted me about doing our Painface website, so we let him have a go at it. He's now doing our VGT site. He's very resourceful. I don't know how he gets what he gets.

17) When was the start of the earliest incarnation of what would later become Slipknot? The basement sessions are from '92, so it was obviously before then - what about '90/'91?
'92 was when it started. Whatever recordings you heard were from a tape recorder in Paul's basement. We only practiced about 10 times.

18) What significance is the date 'May 17th'?
That was the date Shawn got into a big arguement with an in-law.

19) Was Quan Nong's nickname 'Meld'?

20) Why was Pat's nickname 'Nekcheck'?
It wasn't, as far as I knew. That was the tentative name of the band we put-together in '92. Not Slipknot.

21) Did Donnie have a nickname?

22) Is it true that some Painface songs are versions of SK songs? Such as SK's 'Lust Disease', you turned into 'Lust' for Painface.
Same lyrics, different music. The music for "Lust Disease" is actually the song "Left Behind".

23) Did 'Idiot' go on to evolve into 'Interloper'?
Yes, Idiot became Interloper.

24) How many versions of 'Gently' were there?
2: the MFKR version, and the one we played live (without the accoustic prelude).

Other bands-related:

25) Was Vexx your first band? If not, what was?

26) Was the Slum-Lord line-up: Scott Saltzman (vocals/guitar), Paul Gray (bass), and you on drums?

27) Where does Slum-Lord fit into the timeline? After Body Pit, before Painface?
During Inveigh Catharsis, Before Body Pit. We did one show.

28) Can you give me the titles of some Vexx/Inveigh Catharsis songs?
The Sky Is Falling, Blind, Iraq, too many others to remember.

29) Can you give me the titles of some Body Pit songs?
Infestation, Death Benefit, The City of Woe, etc.

30) Can you give me the titles of some Slum-Lord songs?
Not a one. We didn't do it long enough for me to remember.

31) Why did you leave On A Pale Horse?
Musical differences.

32) Why did Painface split up?
It didn't. We just changed our name and our musical style.

33) Was Painface your very own extension of SK? (as the lyrical content and visual feel of both bands seem remarkably alike)
It was more of a retort. I was pissed-off about the whole SK thing, and for awhile I vented. Slowly, I grew out of it.

34) In an interview with Shawn Crahan, he said that he's working with Vice Grip Throttle. What is he involved in exactly?
Good question. We're not sure yet! lol. He lives about 5 blocks from me, but he's so busy I rarely get a chance to ask him that question myself.

35) Is it good to be around Donnie again, what with VGT and Killpact playing together recently?
Donnie is a great person. I have tremendous respect for what he does with his guitar. I love playing shows with him.

36) What VGT songs do you play auxiliary percussion on?
None. Matt handles all of it.

37) In all the bands that you've played drums/percussion in, where have you drawn your inspiration from? African tribal, Chinese, Middle Eastern?
Back then it was Neil Peart (Rush), Dave Lombardo, and the music itself.

38) Have all past bands/will all future bands you've been in keep the fantasy/other world element?
Maybe not to the extent of my past endeavours, but a little bit. I have werewolves all over my body now, but I don't exactly envision myself as BEING one anymore. Nothing is more fun than telling a fictional story that captures people's attention.

39) Is it safe to say that Vexx/Inveigh Catharsis, and Body Pit were early 'versions' of SK. And is it safe to say that Painface, and VGT are your sort of extensions to SK? Or am I barking up the wrong tree (there's a dog loose in the woods :)
Wrong tree, I'm afraid. lol. Have you seen "Watership Down"?

40) Was OAPH sort of an extension of Painface?
On A Pale Horse was simply Crahan working with us, pointing us down a different path. I'm glad he did, even though that project didn't work out for me.


41) Why the pseudonym 'Anders Colsefni'? Is it really ColsefNI, or ColsefINI?
Anders Colsefni. It was the combination of two things: 1-my name (Andrew), with Colsefni which was a Viking name from the middle-ages. I worked for a concrete outfit that were a family of Swedes, and they loved talking about Viking history and lore. I became a fan of it also, which led to my love of The Get of Fenris.

42) Do you play PC games? What are you into?
I'm currently playing Civ III. I also play Diablo II and Fallout 1 & 2.

43) Is your DVD made by that 'Revelation' guy going to be released?
It didn't get made. I wasn't particularly interested at that point.

44) What is your regular job?
I'm an owner/operator of a 2-person concrete company (as of this spring). lol.

45) What are your hobbies/interests now?
I honestly don't have time for much in the way of hobbies. I spend as much time with my 2 kids Josh & Luke as I can, as well as with my wife & stepson. Between family, work, and music there isn't much left. I play PC games when I can. That's about it.

46) Are you still into Werewolf: The Apocalypse?
I always will be, just not always actively.

47) What Des Moines/Iowa bands do you like?
Too many to mention all. A few are: On A Pale Horse, Angry Gods of the Radio, Kiriko, And God Blessed Ignorance, etc...

48) How tall are you?
In crinos: 11' 4".

Plus 4 bonus questions that somehow got lost in the original mix, recently answered.

49) You say Painface didn't split up, it just changed its name and musical style. What to? Was it OAPH?
Painface turned directly into OAPH at Clown's request. He wanted to "lend a hand", but wanted it on his terms. Painface is writing new music now, as me being the only original member. It is heavy stuff.

50) I've read that the VeXX/Inveigh/Body Pit songs were very complex. Tell me a bit about that?
Vexx was very NON-complex, but Inveigh Catharsis and then Body Pit had some very intricate, very fast riffs. Paul wrote almost all of those songs, and one in particular had 23 changes in a 3 minute song. Lots of memory work in those 2 bands.

51) Who was going to be in the band 'Nekcheck'?
Nekchek was more of an inside joke than anything else. Shawn drew a little creature on paper and called him Nekchek. It was his and Pat's little thing.

52) What was the real reason Donnie left SK? Was it because he 'found God'?
Donnie left Slipknot because he "found God". I was saddened by his decision, but I completely understood it, as I grew up in the church. I've since then changed my views on religion quite dramatically, myself. I've never spoken to him since then about this, but he jumped right back into the dark metal mix not long after. He to this day is still completely clean (except for Diet Mt. Dew), and has his head screwed-on straight. One of the truely good people on Earth.

A massive thanks to Anders for taking the time and trip down memory lane to answer all these questions!

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