This interview with Anders Colsefni was conducted on 18th June 2011 by Gary Wright aka 'wyrmfoe'.

I decided to ask Anders some questions based on the [Painface Wikipedia] article that has bothered me for quite some time now. It seemed to have an incorrect mixture of info on 1) early Slipknot when they were known briefly as Painface, 2) actual Painface and 3) even perhaps the 'other' band that's floating around called Painface. Note that these pages have since been edited, by myself, to remove the incorrect info and add the correct info - so it reflects ONLY Anders' actual Painface.

01) Can you confirm that all 'current' and 'former' members were actually in YOUR Painface, the band?
They have it all wrong. Painface was AFTER Slipknot. I had a song titled Painface in the early 90's. The people listed as members were from an unnamed group just jamming out some ideas. That was the start of Slipknot. It wasn't called Painface.

02) Looking closer to above question, was "Skrapi" Jones a member and did he play the Chapman Stick? Was Brian "Elvis" Scoonover a member and did he play Drums?
LOL! Never heard of Skrapi Jones! What's a Chapman stick? Brian Scoonover played drums for All That Crawls for about 6 months.

03) I've also never heard of Joss Gunther, did he at any time play bass? What about Joe Nunez, did he ever play Drums?
I don't know either of those names.

04) I guess Pat Neuwirth, Paul Gray and Shawn Crahan were never in actual Painface?
That is correct.

05) Shouldn't Chad's name be spelt Chad Valesek (no 'h' in surname)?
That is also correct! You're gonna win the prize, Gary!

06) Was 'Meld' the original vocalist in early SK, before you? Was 'Meld' really the nickname of Kun Nong?
No. Meld was the name of a song I wrote, and we called Slipknot "Meld" for one spontaneous show we jumped into before we settled on a name.

07) Can you confirm that is the correct tracklisting of the 'On A Pale Horse' EP?
We didn't release anything while I was in the band, and I don't have their album, so I really don't know.

08) Looking here, [FleshCraft Wikipedia], can you confirm that is the correct tracklisting for the CD?
Gary, Wikipedia has everything all screwed-up. My site launches in about a half an hour, and my complete history will be spelled out correctly.

09) Slightly off-topic, but can you tell me the order that the names for Slipknot were used out of 'Pull My Finger', 'Pull', 'Painface', 'Meld', 'The Pale Ones', 'PygSystem' and obviously 'Slipknot' is last?
Meld, Slipknot. The others were never used, except for song titles.

10) How did 'PygSystem' come about? What does it mean? Is that the correct way to present the word?
That's the correct spelling, and Paul came up with it, I believe. It just sounded cool, yet gross.

A massive thanks to Anders for taking the time to answer these questions!

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