This interview with Anders Colsefni was conducted in 2003 by David Pritt aka 'Random Hero UK'.

Random_Hero_UK: How did On A Pale Horse originally become a band?
We were already Painface. We just adopted a new philosophy for how we wanted to express our music.

RHUK: Who initially came up with the name "On A Pale Horse", and what does it mean?
On A Pale Horse was the title I came up with for a song we'd written for Painface.  Shawn (Klown) thought we should name the new band after it.  We agreed.

RHUK: When you first became the vocalist did it feel comfortable?
Since I'd been the vocalist with these guys for a few years already, it felt normal.

RHUK: Did you automatically bond with the band?
Ditto the above.

RHUK: When developing lyrics, what did you have in mind?
Shedding old skin, new beginnings, rebirth.  Being one with death.  All that fun stuff.

RHUK: When did you know that On A Pale Horse, were a band, and not just a couple of friends jamming?
As soon as we recorded "Salvation".

RHUK: How was this band, compare with earlier bands, such as Painface and Slipknot?
Musically, it was much more relaxed.  Heavier in a more mature way than the others. Music you can sit back, drink a beer, and zone out to, or music you can go nuts and beat people up to.

RHUK: When did you first start to things were not going right with you and On A Pale Horse?
We'd all had our differences about things, as we are all different people.

RHUK: What initially made you leave the band?
They were going to quit the band.  I offered to leave the band instead, so that they could continue to make the beautiful music they'd been making.  They agreed.

RHUK: What has been your most memorable live show?
There's been several.  Dotfest 1 in Ankeny, Iowa with Slipknot in front of 18,000 people. The 1989? Battle of the Bands at Supertoad in Des Moines-we won, and there were about 800 people going crazy.  Plus, just about every show with Horse.  I was just spiritually IN that music.

RHUK: What Was your Highlight of OAPH?
Every time we played Salvation & Harvest live.

RHUK: Where do you see On A Pale Horse without you?
Down the street at the practice place.  LOL.  They're doing their own thing, and having fun.  I'm happy for them.

RHUK: Do you have any regrets about leaving the band?
I had no choice.  Plenty of regrets, but I had no choice.

RHUK: In your own words, describe your experience with On A Pale Horse
Work.  Confusion.  Spirituality.  Confusion.  Fun.  Finally understanding.


RHUK: Full Name
Andrew Rouw


RHUK: Born and bred

RHUK: Favourite band
Acid Bath, Led Zeppelin

RHUK: Favourite Song
The Hangman's Daughter: Agents Of Oblivion

RHUK: First CD
Primus-Sailing The Seas of Cheese.

RHUK: First Concert attended
Aerosmith & Guns 'n Roses-their first tour

RHUK: Previous to OAPH
Painface, Slipknot, Body Pit, Inveigh Catharsis, Vexx

RHUK: Influences
Daks Riggs, Black Sabbath, everyday life.

RHUK: First job
Paperboy in Beaverdale.

RHUK: Last job
Office Manager @ my father-in-laws Optical Laboratory.

RHUK: Favourite tattoo
My wife's dragon on the back of her neck.

RHUK: Favourite Film
Oooh.  This is tough.  Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A massive thanks to David for granting me permission to host this interview. This interview is also hosted at MFKR1.COM

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