This interview with Anders Colsefni was conducted on 17th August 2009 by 'DoGfIsHrIsInG96'.

1. On YouTube someone uploaded some videos of SlipKnoT's Live Show(s) 1996 in the former "Safari Night Club".
Those video's are "Windows", "Coleslaw", "Killers Are Quiet", "Interloper" and "Carve".
Do you got the whole Show on video/DVD???
If you still have - can you upload the show complete on YouTube??? I see in "Windows" that it was one of the BEST show's EVER!!!! And the previews of "Interloper" and "Killers are Quiet" have to be complete - not just a few seconds of video!
The entire show was recorded on VHS tape, and I have no idea who recorded it, nor do I have a copy other than the Youtube version.

2. Did you ever perform "Confessions" Live in the years 1996 and 1997? It's one of the Best Songs of the MFKR CD!!!!
Yes we did. We played it almost every show we played while I was in the band. It was our only real "mellow" song. Thanks for the compliments!

3. Why can't I buy the MFKR Album and the Painface CD "Fleshcraft" anywhere??? Okay, I know that the MFKR CD was just 1000 Originals and it's more than hard to get one!
But what about "Fleshcraft"? I listened to all the Songs on YouTube - I wish I could get a Original CD of "Fleshcraft"!!!
Fleshcraft was almost sold out of the 1,000 copies or so that we made back then, and I've been holding onto the last few. If interest peaks a little again someday, I may produce another batch. We'll just have to see.

4. Why can't I find any Live Shows of Painface???
Did you never had concerts when you where the Singer of Painface??? Just one Album and nothing else or what??????
Nobody that I know ever recorded our Painface shows. We played many of them, but we did have some band member changes, which creates downtime, and most of the people at our shows seemed to beat the hell out of each other. I assume video recorders got broken. lol. I know windows got smashed every so often.

5. On what Album are these Songs (sung by you)???:
"Interloper", "Windows", "Coleslaw", "Carve", "May 17th", "Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors", "Lust Disease"????
I was searching over 10 years to find any of them.
But I have still found nothing!!!
It would be Interesting how "Interloper" sung by You sounds!
I know the Version Corey Taylor is Singing.
But (and that's just the truth) YOU got a better Voice for those songs!!!! So I can't understand why you don't perform other great songs Slipknot made like "I Am Hated", "Surfacing" or "Wait & Bleed"! Why?
None of those songs were on an album. We'd written them after MFKR, and played them live, but we only recorded a few of them for Roadrunner Records to try to get a deal. After I left the band, Slipknot either put them on a shelf, or dismantled and reworked them. I Am Hated, Surfacing, and Wait & Bleed were written after I left.

I hope that helps you out! Take care, my friend.

A massive thanks to DoGfIsHrIsInG96 for granting me permission to host his special personal interview.

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