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Note that most of the news below was extracted from the Wall at the [Anders Colsefni Official Facebook group].

25.12.2011 - Happy Christmas to Anders, his family, friends, fellow band members and fans. May he achieve success in all that he does in the New Year, and may all you fans continue to show your support by any means that you choose. On behalf on Anders I'd like to say THANK YOU for all the support shown so far, it has been phenomenal. I think you'll all agree that this has been a fantastic year what with Anders' return and the progress made so far. And things are only going to get BIGGER and BETTER!

16.12.2011 - It's early, but the 3rd instalment of Anders' web series videos has been uploaded at his YouTube Channel. Note that 'ASK ANDERS' will be renamed to simply 'Anders Colsefni Q&A' from now on. Keep sending in the questions and thank you all for the support! New episodes will be posted every Sunday (as well as perhaps the odd sneaky early one like this latest one)!

12.12.2011 - Ask Anders Episode 2 is now live at the man's YouTube Channel. You all should know the link by now!

10.12.2011 - The 'Ask Anders' thing seems to be going well and lots of questions are being sent in. The first instalment of 'Ask Anders' has now been uploaded to his [YouTube Channel]. The goal is to create an archive of all of the questions that have been asked over the years as well as answering new ones for the fans! You can send your questions to [], this is the dedicated 'vault' for all the Q&A questions but you can also post questions to Anders via his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Right now the plan is to post a new response video every Sunday, so subscribe to Anders' YouTube Channel and keep an eye out to see if YOUR question is answered! Another video has also been uploaded... wait for it... the Slipknot song 'Gently' played live at The Safari Club from May 1997! Again, find this at Anders' YouTube Channel. In other news, the recent new Painface photo shoot has now been completed. I'm sure you'll all agree that this is a very exciting time for Anders and the fans!

06.12.2011 - Anders recently highlighted via his [Facebook] page that there have been many more news articles, comments and other information coming out with the name "COLSEFINI". This has always been an error for the spelling of COLSEFNI. Please spread the word of the correct spelling! YouTube just got a bit more METAL! Two new videos are available to watch at Anders' [YouTube Channel]. There is a promo video about Painface returning January 27, 2012 to play live at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa. Congratulations for that, Andy! In the other video, Anders is calling out to fans for Q&A! Here you get to see Anders speaking on camera for the first time (I believe) and get the details to send in any questions that you may have, which will be answered at a later date in reply videos and uploaded to his YouTube Channel.

31.10.2011 - Today is the 15th anniversary exactly of the release of Slipknot's first ever album, 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.' It is also the only album that the band released with Anders on vocals. Why not celebrate with a video that Anders uploaded just a couple of days ago to his [YouTube Channel], of a performance by Slipknot of the song 'Slipknot', live at The Safari Club in 1997!? While there, also take a look at the recently uploaded Body Pit rehearsal video of one of their songs called 'Infestation', captured at The Runway in 1994! Note that this is the first-ever publicly-released footage of this band! Raw-ass, brutal metal for all you Anders fans out there!

11.10.2011 - Anders has done an interview with [Dose of Metal], and is available here [Interview: Anders Colsefni (Painface, ex-Slipknot) - Dose of Metal - Mean Metal Blog].

08.10.2011 - It has just been announced on [Anders Colsefni's Official Facebook page] that 'The Horse Sessions' hosted at [Anders' Bandcamp page] are now available FREE OF CHARGE. Download FLAC or very HIGH quality MP3's. There is a limit on the service so once the FREE downloads are gone, there is nothing that can be done. For anyone who doesn't know, 'The Horse Sessions' is a 4-track collection of previously unreleased tracks by On A Pale Horse while Anders was with the band. Grab it while you can!

12.09.2011 - It is quite widely known that Anders did guest vocals on a track called 'Dead Weight' by a band called SuperEgo. After confirming which part in the song Anders actually sung, I have added it to the 'Audio' page. For those of you who may not know about this band, check out the new 'SuperEgo' band page. I find it incredible how much Aaron Peltz sounds like Anders in the part just before Anders' part, I always thought that this was Anders too, but Anders has confirmed that it was indeed Aaron. If you can listen to the whole song you'll hear what I mean. When I asked him, Anders couldn't remember his lyrics, so I searched and found the lyrics in the description of a video on YouTube. These are unconfirmed but seem pretty close, however, I have seen an alternative translation so if anyone knows definitely what the lyrics are, please let me know as that would be great!

10.09.2011 - Added a preview clip of the track called 'Tlalocan', which I converted to MP3 from its video form found on YouTube. This is a track from the upcoming new Painface album and the clip can be found on the 'Audio' page.

06.09.2011 - I recently asked Jesse 'ScreamingMaggot' Prizer of Hatred Monkey Studios if he would make me a banner for this website after I saw he made one for Anders' official site. He did, and the banner can be found at both the top and bottom of this page. It was made to go with the site's color scheme (black and gray), and I think it looks pretty cool. A big thanks to Jesse, and when he gets a website setup for his work, I will add a link to it from here.

18.08.2011 - Added some All That Crawls pics, taken from the band's [MySpace] profile and some On A Pale Horse pics taken from [Ozzychick's] website. I did contact Ozzychick at the e-mail address provided on her website, to ask for permission to use these pics, but I didn't get a reply. On the OAPH page it did say that it's OK to use them as long as whoever uses them links back to her site though, which I have done here. Find all pics on the 'Pictures' page.

17.08.2011 - Added the lyrics from [Anders' Bandcamp] page for the unreleased OAPH "The Horse Sessions" tracks. Find those linked off the OAPH band page on this site.

10.08.2011 - All That Crawls is now on [Facebook]. There you can keep up with news on that particular project of Anders'. Of note, Anders and his eldest son Josh have recently shot some video footage for an upcoming video for the All That Crawls track 'The Endless'. This is actually the first music video that Anders has ever done, and it's currently under production.

08.08.2011 - Anders is now on a website called [Bandcamp], where artists can sell their music and merchandise directly to fans. At present only the [On A Pale Horse - Unreleased Tracks] (Digital Album) is available (now named "The Horse Sessions") to be shared, embedded or bought. Lyrics to those songs are available on that site too. Also, at another similarly-named website called [BandApp] there is an [Official Anders Colsefni iPhone/Android App] that has been released. Get updates, music, video and more on the go by browsing it on your mobile devices. Anders was recently asked at Facebook by a fan if when Corey joined Slipknot did the band ever consider doing a Mushroomhead kinda thing by having two main vocalists or did he just go straight to backing vocals? Anders replied "That was what it was supposed to be (or how they sold it to me) in the beginning." The fan went on to ask Anders when he found out that Corey was taking over lead vocals how long was it before he thought it was his time to go? Anders again kindly replied, saying "about 2 months and 2 shows." That would have been cool to have had two main vocalists!

21.07.2011 - A new preview clip of a track called 'Tlalocan' from the upcoming new Painface album can be found in video form on the 'Video' page. I recently got permission from Random Hero UK (you may know his name from the MFKR Board or the On A Pale Horse fansite he used to do) to host an interview that he did with Anders back in 2003, this can be found on the 'Interviews' page.

17.07.2011 - Anders recently conducted a short 6-question interview with [Metal]. It has now been posted, and is available here [Ex-Slipknot Vocalist Discusses Painface Reunion - in Metal News].

12.07.2011 - Exactly 5 years ago today was when I first made contact with Anders. After multiple attempts to reach him via various e-mail addresses and through other people, I finally made contact through the Vice Grip Throttle [MySpace] profile, after I sent a message there. I sent the message simply addressing VGT as a band, but Anders himself sent me a reply! I was lucky enough to be able to keep in touch with Andy from time-to-time, and as you know, my dedication paid off when I was fortunate enough to have the option of doing this very website. Dreams can come true.

05.07.2011 - It's funny, in pictures of Anders when he used to be onstage with Slipknot and Painface - topless, shaven-headed and mean-looking - he always reminds me of a wrestler, or makes me think he could have been a wrestler. How about ["Stone Cold" Steve Austin]? I've made some Painface signs that you can print out and put everywhere you go, to help get the message across and to show how hardcore you are. Find these on the 'Downloads' page.

04.07.2011 - Recently on Facebook a fan asked if the song 'Slipknot' was about Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Anders replied "It was from the viewpoint of my werewolf character, Face-Of-Pain. The other ones were as well, for the most part. Except Some Feel. That was from a leech's point-of-view." Fancy!

27.06.2011 - This site has now got more than 1000 hits! OK you sussed me, 900-odd 'hits' were just me hitting the 'Refresh' button! Seriously though, thanks for the visits and please keep coming back as there will be more content, hopefully some exclusive, in the near future.

25.06.2011 - Yesterday I was looking through some old Anders-related band pictures on my external hard drive, and copied a selection to add to this site, which I have now done. Find old pictures and logos for On A Pale Horse, Painface and Slipknot, as well as some of My Fan Art and miscellaneous on the 'Pictures' page. Note that the sources of the band pics are unknown, as they are simply what I just grabbed off the 'net from any number of random fansites and such, years ago. I have omitted to use any watermarked pics, but if you recognize any as your own and would like to be credited, please feel free to get in touch.

22.06.2011 - Added various bits of info to most of the band pages, especially for VeXX and Inveigh Catharsis (which are now separate pages), with info taken from the [Anders Colsefni] official site. Up until now not too much info was known about either of these bands, but now there are confirmed line-ups and discography entries. A mini-interview that I did with Anders the other day has been added to the new 'Interviews' page, with questions and answers surrounding Painface. Some more videos have been embedded in the 'Video' page, an 'About' page has been added detailing how this very website came about as well as minor updates throughout.

18.06.2011 - The day has come! After a few setbacks, the highly-anticipated [Anders Colsefni] official website is now online! Here you can find never-before-seen pictures (with more to come), and in the future, previously unreleased music and video. There's also a shop where you can buy exclusive digital album downloads, t-shirts, stickers, iPhone skins and more! This is the start of what I, personally, am calling 'Anders Redux'.

13.06.2011 - Added a teaser clip of a track called Masterpiece off the upcoming new Painface album to the 'Audio' page, a video version can also be found on the 'Video' page. There is also a new [Painface Facebook] page, and the new 2011 band line-up can be found on the 'Painface' page.

11.06.2011 - Added a 'Downloads' page where you can find some Anders-related Windows icons and desktop wallpapers to download and use. Note that none of the images used are mine but the actual icons and wallpapers were created by me, the site author.

06.06.2011 - A lot is happening right now in the world of Anders and here's what you can expect to see at some point in the near future: 1) official website - with rare, never released music, video and images, 2) a new PAINFACE album - that is *INSANELY* HEAVY, 3) the release of 'The Endless' by ALL THAT CRAWLS - an acoustic track dedicated to Paul, and 4) a ton of merchandise - CD/DVD's, T-SHIRTS, HOODIES, STICKERS, SKINS, and more! Anders has also just done a phone interview for the upcoming book [Louder Than Hell: The Unflinching Oral History of Metal], that's due for release in early 2012! Site updates see more links and videos on their respective pages.

03.06.2011 - The Anders Colsefni Official Facebook page has now got 1,000 'LIKES'! I've added a 'Tribute' page in honor of the late Paul Gray, an 'Extracts' page with extracts of info on some of Anders' old bands from a couple of Slipknot books, some pics to the 'Pictures' page from one of those books and some more links on the 'Links' page. Some band pages have been updated. Oh, and a new, slightly more gritty title logo for the site.

29.05.2011 - I've added a 'Links' page where all the weblinks related to Anders, his bands and friends, etc are now located. Band links from each band page have been removed and placed there instead. I also asked Anders yesterday if it would be all right to add an interview to this site that I did with him just after I first got in touch with him, looking back it was done in September 2006. Has it been nearly 5 years already!? Until now, the questions and answers have remained private and unpublished, but Anders looked over them to refresh his memory and has granted permission for me to share. So with a couple of corrections and updates, this 50+ question interview can now be found on the 'Interview' page would you believe it? I know what y'all are thinking, the interview on the 'Interview' page, where's the logic in that? :)

26.05.2011 - Just recently at Anders' Official Facebook group page a fan asked him if he'd share any Crowz pictures with the fans. Anders replied with "Crowz didn't have any pictures that weren't just made-up by a fan. It was a not-for-sale demo Cd for Roadrunner. Just a black and white label." So, I hope that clears that up, with the fact there were no official album covers made for Crowz, and indeed it was never even an album as such. And about his newest projects, Anders has also said that "Album preparation begins tonight for the 2nd full-length Painface album. I am the only original member. Many songs already written, so it shouldn't be too long!" Well how about that? In site news, 'Audio' and 'Video' pages have been added.

24.05.2011 - It's one year today that Slipknot's bassist, Paul Gray (#2), sadly departed this world. Needless to say, although he cannot be with us in body, he will always be with us in spirit, and his music will never leave us.

22.05.2011 - Anders made me aware that last Friday, 'Revelation' (the guy who's doing the new official Anders Colsefni website, coming soon) had posted on the [Official Anders Colsefni Facebook] group page about this website. Revelation said "A shout out to this guy for hosting an Anders Colsefni fan page. Down the road, some exclusive content will be placed there in thanks for the dedication. Bookmark it."

20.05.2011 - It has been said that there's a song on iTunes called 'Black Sheep' by a band named Painface. There has been much speculation as to whether this is in fact a real Painface song. Anders has recently confirmed that this is NOT his Painface. So, that clears that up, once and for all. Also recently Anders has said via Facebook that he is currently working on no less than three new music projects. Stay tuned (pardon the pun) for more info as it becomes available.

15.04.2011 - Anders is 39 today. Happy birthday, sir!

14.04.2011 - I've got official approval on the new site layout from Anders, he says "Looks good, my friend." A new [Interview with Anders Colsefni (2011)] has been conducted by a member of the MFKR Board and it is available to read there. I recently re-joined the MFKR Board under a slightly new name after not being able to login since around Christmas, and I posted a topic notifying the members there of the latest Anders updates. That post has since been removed and I can't login again, this time with my new name, so I don't know what's happening there. However, since the interview, Anders has re-joined the board as 'Anders Colsefni' and so has 'Revelation', the guy who will be doing Anders' new official website which will be hosted at [] sometime soon. On the [Official Anders Colsefni Facebook] group Anders has added a new page called 'BandPage', where he will add old and unreleased material from the bands he's been in over the years. Also check out the first of many Anders Colsefni T-Shirts coming in May, all tees will be $15.00 and there will be 'combo deals' too!

31.03.2011 - Today I converted this website from a WYSIWYG editor-created one to a completely hand-written one. I have thought about doing this for quite a while but just never got round to it. It was quite a big task but I thought it was best to do it now before it gets any bigger - which it will do - as Anders' has recently told me to expect some stuff from him in the near future. All the needless HTML code has been stripped out, meaning the site should load faster and you may notice that all the content is now centered as opposed to left side aligned, making it easier for me to update in the new format and the site won't look offset for those of you with widescreen displays. Also notice how this site is no longer 'The Official Site Of Anders Colsefni', but is now kind of demoted to 'The Official Anders Colsefni Fansite'. All will be explained in good time.

30.03.2011 - I only saw it a couple days ago but since 9th January this year there has been an Official Anders Colsefni Facebook [group]. Anders is also now on [Twitter].

12.01.2011 - Sometime around December I put a notice of this website on the [MFKR Board] and one fan in particular took a little bit of convincing that this was actually Anders' genuine official website. I always knew that there would be someone who questioned the authenticity of the site, mainly as I use a free webhost and domain name. They saw right in the end though! Also of note, this site is now linked off Anders' [Facebook] profile and also off the Links page at the [MFKR1] site.

01.11.2010 - All That Crawls just broke up, and now it's just Anders and his son Josh, who are continuing on by themselves with the name. Anders says "Now things are REALLY gonna crawl." As always, Andy is a busy man, and has had a few family troubles as well, "It's an emotional roller-coaster around here.", he says. He would like to be able to tie any loose ends up before he commits too much of his mind to creative thought regarding his music. As his work slows-down over the cold months, he says that he should be able to free up some time to inject a little creative juice. Here's hoping.

29.10.2010 - I have now been given permission by Anders to write the news on his behalf. I was waiting for him to send me some news that he would have written, but he is simply too busy. So, from now on, I can add news from what he has told me has been going on in his life from our personal e-mails. He says he is "really quite stone-age with technology, as well as website-related topics". That's not to say that there will be an influx of news each day, each week or indeed each month. Given how busy Andy is with work, music and family, as well as being a fairly private and modest man, he doesn't always want to be 'in the loop', so to speak. I think he is still a bit bewildered as to how I kind of regard him as an idol.

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