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Note that most of the news below was extracted from the Wall at the [Anders Colsefni Official Facebook group].

25.12.2012 - Happy Christmas to Anders, his family, friends, fellow band members and fans. I wish you all the best for the New Year, Anders!

08.11.2012 - Just lately, their have been some videos put on YouTube from Painface's recent successful show, where they opened for Stone Sour, at Wooly's in Des Moines on 29th October (last month). Check out [Dominion], [Fallen Silent] and [Gunslinger] (unreleased song), all performed flawlessly live! Thanks to those of you who recorded and uploaded these videos.

29.10.2012 - Good luck for the show tonight guys, I hope you (Painface) and Stone Sour have a good one! What a treat for Slipknot fans, having both Anders AND Corey appear on the very same stage (although at different times)!

28.10.2012 - Slipknot fans may have their heads implode this week in Des Moines when Stone Sour plays at the local club Wooly's. That's because Slipknot's original singer, Anders Colsefni, will take the stage Monday night (Oct. 29) with his current band Painface to open the show for Corey Taylor's hit-making outfit. See more of this story here, [Slipknot's Current and Former Frontmen to Share Stage at Stone Sour Show]. Also, Anders has announced that the video for 'The Endless', All That Crawls' only release, has been completed! FINALLY! Thanks to Stubs from Ravenscape. It will be announced to everyone as soon as it is up. Stubs is also now shooting a video for Painface's 'Gunslinger' later in November! Check out Ravenscape Photography and Design's official website [here] or their Facebook page [here].

23.10.2012 - Anders shared a link on his Facebook page saying that a new track, 'Possessions', has been released that he did with the band Green Death. Go [here] to stream or download the track for free! Note that after you click on 'Buy Now', enter 0 (zero) for the price, then click on 'Download Now' and proceed with instructions. To find out more about Green Death, go to their official site [here] or their Facebook page [here]. Also, it has been announced that, due to the amazingly gracious Corey Taylor, PAINFACE has been asked to open for STONE SOUR this Monday October 29th at Wooly's. The band are excited and proud to be able to support one of their favorite bands and fellow Des Moines Musicians. Look out for more information to follow on the band's Facebook page [here].

06.09.2012 - I saw this on the internet today [Paul Gray's Physician Charged With Manslaughter - in Metal News]. It says that the physician has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the crime of allegedly over-prescribing painkillers to patients who subsequently passed away after overdosing. I was a little shocked at this revelation, but I think accidental suicide was always the verdict, and I never really thought about why it might have been accidental. For the news of when Paul first died, see [Slipknot Bassist Found Dead - in Metal News].

28.08.2012 - Two weeks ago William Eklund posted pics of Andy at work on Facebook. William, who is Andy's supervisor, friend and fan, gave me permission to host these pics on my site. Check them out [here] and [here]. This is a rare glimpse into Andy's day-to-day life, and has finally shed some light on his day job, as previously he has always simply stated something along the lines of 'construction worker' when asked about this. As you can see from the second pic, even at work Andy is metal as fuck and totally in control of the situation!

04.08.2012 - Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Anders' eldest son, Josh, who turns 21 today! Have a great day!

30.07.2012 - Yesterday I sent Anders a message via Facebook saying that I hoped he was recovering well from his stay in hospital and that I hoped the Painface album recording was going OK. He replied, and here's the majority of what he said... "I'm doing much, much better now. Tomorrow, I go back to work full-duty again. Highs around low-mid 90's. Yuck-but better than 103. We had to make some important, time-consuming decisions regarding our recording, but we've made them, and all is flowing forward once more. As a band, we're still learning a lot about how to work with each other, and things are becoming much easier now than they have at any other point." I thought I'd post this in the News even though it was kind of a personal message, as Anders said I could publish it and it goes as a bit of an update to recent events in case you've not kept in-the-loop.

21.07.2012 - A couple of days ago Anders announced on Facebook that he had just returned home from a brief stay in hospital. He said "My kidneys failed due to dehydration on Tuesday, and needed some flushin-out. All is on the upswing, though. That being said: watch out for those 100 degree days amigos!" Indeed some parts of Iowa seem to have had it really hot this summer. Glad to hear that you're better now and are home. Take care, bro, and all the best from all your fans!

24.05.2012 - It's two years ago today that Slipknot's bassist, Paul Gray (#2), sadly passed. What's there to say to do him any justice? You are still deeply missed, brother, by maggots all around the world.

06.05.2012 - A new track called 'Raise The Fire' by Speechless Alexander, featuring Anders Colsefni, has been released. The track is the result of a little collaboration that Anders did with the artist as a promo for his upcoming indie-label album. Anders raps on the track (remember 'Only One' on M.F.K.R.?), but don't worry, he's not turnin' gangsta, jus' tryin' sum'thin' a lil' diff'rent! Download the track [here] for $0.99 or stream it for free. Find out more about Speechless Alexander at his [Facebook] page and at [ReverbNation].

16.04.2012 - Thanks to everyone who voted for Painface for a spot on LAZERfest 2012 this last week! Unfortunately the band did not make it to the finals, but you helped spread the name around and that's what really counts!

15.04.2012 - Anders is 40 today! Happy Birthday, sir! Have a good one and may the future bring you happiness, luck and success.

08.04.2012 - It would have been Paul Gray's 40th birthday today. I don't know what else to say, as no words can do him justice or bring him back. In other news, Painface has thrown their Pain-hats into the arena for a spot on [LAZERfest 2012]. The band shall require VOTES!!! So, please help spread the word! There is a full-length DEMO version of the new Painface song 'Gunslinger' up at the link. This is only a re-worked demo used for entering this contest and the band have yet to record this for the album. Round 1 of voting starts Monday 9th April 2012 at 12:00 AM. Please go and vote once it opens! Also, Anders' merchandise company is having a giveaway! See [] on [Facebook] for details! Three FREE Shirts + $100 donated to the National MS Walks Society in the winner's name!

06.04.2012 - Anders has recently done an interview with the website [Slipknot Brasil], and it has been put online today, found here [Entrevista exclusiva: Anders Colsefni]. You will notice that the text is in Spanish, so if you don't speak the language try going to [Google Translate] and translating it to your own language. I have got the link for the English translation here [Exclusive Interview: Anders Colsefni via Google Translate]. In other news, Anders has got a brother, Ben, who has Multiple Sclerosis, which slowly (and sometimes rapidly) robs you of your ability to feel and usually ends up putting you in a wheelchair. Some people with it lose their sight. His brother developed this when he was only 34-years-old (3 years ago). Anders' youngest son, Lucian, starts a team each year to collect donations and walk to raise money for MS research. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Go to the link to donate in one of the participant's names, [Walk MS: Des Moines 2012]. The team hope to raise $2000, so please, please donate if you can. Thank you on behalf of the Rouw family.

23.03.2012 - I have been given exclusive rights to host the previously unheard of story about an unfortunate event in which Anders lost his left big toe. Find 'The Story Of The Missing Big Toe' linked from the menu above, under 'Story'. Thanks Anders and apologies for you having to recall those bad memories. In other news, please check out the websites of some of the other Painface members and see what they are up to. Here is Antonio Alaniz's [blog site] and here is John Hintz's [tattoo site]. Also not forgetting Slipknot members of past, check out Patrick Neuwirth's [business site]. Note that Patrick is an ex-Slipknot guitarist, and can be heard playing in the legendary 'Basement Sessions' tracks.

08.03.2012 - The 'In The Basement' Q&A session videos that Anders does is going to go back to just Sunday's again, starting now. Work is being done to subtitle the first 17 episodes, plus future ones so that non-English speaking people can get something out of them as well.

25.02.2012 - A new official [Painface website] has been launched.

19.02.2012 - A link to this site can now be found on Klayton Hulsberg's [Slipknot website] on the 'Links' page.

16.02.2012 - Klayton Hulsberg, who I mentioned just yesterday, has now created his own Slipknot website. The site, which is literally brand new and still needs lots of work (not my words), is called [Old Rare & Promo 666] and Klayton has also added a mention and the link to this site from there too. Thanks! In fact from his website, I saw a link to eBay for a genuine original copy of Slipknot's [Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.] It has a starting bid of US $800.00 and a price of US $1,000.00. It's located in Houston, Texas and the seller is willing to ship worldwide, luckily the shipping cost is free! I've never seen one be sold for quite that much before, but if you're feeling flush, go ahead and place a bid as right now there are no bids!

15.02.2012 - Slipknot and Anders fan, Klayton Hulsberg, has recently created a cool edited Painface picture, and I got permission from him to add it to this site. See it [here] and on the 'Pictures' page. Also check out Klayton's Slipknot Facebook community page called [Slipknot Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. M.F.K.R], where he kindly posted a link to my Anders fansite and said it's an "Awesome website". Thanks Klayton!

06.02.2012 - A clip of Painface's recent comeback show has been uploaded to YouTube by [Metal Up Your Tap]. The video shows the old song 'Polymer' being played, with a new flair and energy. Anders can be seen in his priest outfit. Hopefully this will be the first of many more videos, from one source or another, featuring the band.

03.02.2012 - Anders has commented on the recent Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and can be found quoted first at [Dose of Metal - Mean Metal Blog]. Also, at [Painface's Facebook] page, the set list for the recent January 27th show has been revealed... 1. Tlalocan (new), 2. The New Son, 3. Fallen Silent, 4. Last Rites, 5. Gunslinger (new), 6. Polymer, 7. Sunflowers. And in a reply comment left to a reply comment I made on a fan's [Facebook post], Anders said about me "... I believe Gary is my #1 fan. He's like a stalker that I decided wasn't going to harm me from England, so I said-dude, "Do me up a fansite!"." [smug face]

30.01.2012 - The tenth instalment of Anders' Q&A videos is now up on his YouTube Channel.

27.01.2012 - Painface return tonight to play their first live show in nearly 10 years. Catch the new line-up at the Vaudeville Mews on 212 4th Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Doors open at 5.00pm ($6 at the door) and Painface is set to come on at 8.00pm and finish around 8.40pm. See a flyer with the details on [here]. Best of luck guys! There's also a very short two-question interview/overview on Painface at [Des Moines Scenester: Andrew Rouw].

24.01.2012 - Anders did a small phone-in radio interview on Iowa: Unsigned program with Benny Black on [New Rock 105.1] just a couple of days ago, where he is mainly discussing Painface. Also keep an ear out for the details of 'new' Painface's first show that is happening this Friday. Find this interview on his YouTube Channel. Go listen!

23.01.2012 - The Anders Q&A videos will now be uploaded on both Sundays and Wednesdays for the foreseeable future, instead of just on Sundays, even if they don't go online until late at night. If you've missed any, you can always catch up at Anders' official [YouTube Channel], where all the videos can be found.

20.01.2012 - Today I was on Facebook when none other than Painface's drummer - and youngest member - Mike 'Ramrod' Ramsey sent me a message, inspired, I believe, by a comment that I'd left on a photo he put on his profile! We got chatting and he came across as a very cool guy. I did say to him, that I felt a bit guilty by focusing almost purely on Anders when of course there are other guys in his bands. He understood, and was very appreciative of my efforts for Anders. Cheers Mike, it was good talking with you!

13.01.2012 - I've now added a News Archive page where I have archived all the previous news, from the site's first entry up until the end of last year. This is so we can start 2012 fresh and not have a cluttered main news page. Find the link to the new page in the menu at the top of this one. A new [Exclusive Interview with Corey Taylor] has been conducted by MFKRBOARD.COM, and there are a couple of questions to Corey about both Anders and Painface, where he answers positively both times. Check it out to see what he says!

12.01.2012 - Today I agreed to host an interview with Anders by a good friend called DoGfIsHrIsInG96 (you may know his name from the MFKR Board), which was done back in August 2009. As the interviewer is German... and rather... excitable, I have been allowed to correct spelling mistakes but I can in no way curb his enthusiasm which shines through in every question. Find this short interview on the 'Interviews' page. Thanks dude!

11.01.2012 - A few days ago Anders sent me an exclusive Painface band photo for my website, which was taken as part of the band's recently-completed photo shoot. You won't find this picture anywhere else, and it was to be used in such a way that nobody else could steal it. But, as the computer-savvy amongst you will know, there's very little one can do to stop a picture being 'stolen' off a website. I wanted to be able to show you the picture in its full-colored glory, therefore, rather than spoiling it entirely with watermarks or copyright logos, I decided to use it as the new image on the index page and in doing so I have made the image smaller, lower in quality and have added a fuzzy black border. So, you can still grab it, but at least you won't get the full-sized, full-quality, untarnished original! [evil laugh]

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