News (2013-2014)

Note that most of the news below was extracted from the Wall at the [Anders Colsefni Official Facebook group].

12.01.2014 - Apologies for not keeping the website up-to-date over the course of nearly the last year. From now on, due to time constraints, I will likely just update pages with content without notification here. Please see the relevant Facebook pages and official websites relating to Anders directly for future news and upcoming shows. Thank you for your understanding.

06.04.2013 - Check out the 5-piece band 'Murder Earth' from Des Moines, Iowa... consisting of ex-musicians from local heavyweights such as Onslot, PygWalk, Nothing, Tripwire, Calous, Barter In Blood, and indeed Vice Grip Throttle and Painface. Go to the band's [Facebook] page to learn more.

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