Death Metal/Nu Metal



Des Moines, Iowa, USA


Years Active

1998-2002, 2011-present



Line-up as of Q4 2014:
Anders Colsefni (Vocals)
Antonio Alaniz (Guitar/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Dave Baker (Bass/Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Greg Stravers (Drums/Rhythmic Protolinguilation)

Revised line-up (2013):
Anders Colsefni (Vocals)
Antonio Alaniz (Guitar/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Dave Baker (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
John Hatterman (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Greg Stravers (Drums)

New line-up (2013):
Anders Colsefni (Vocals)
Antonio Alaniz (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Dave Baker (Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Kris Anderson (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Greg Stravers (Drums)

Revised line-up (2011):
Anders Colsefni (Vocals)
Antonio Alaniz (Guitar)
John Hintz (Guitar)
Dave Baker (Bass)
Mike Ramsey (Drums)

Line-up (2011):
Anders Colsefni (Vocals)
Antonio 'Taco' Alaniz (Guitars/Lead Guitar)
Dave 'Cornbread' Baker (Guitars)
Rick Stuber (Bass)
Mike 'Ramrod' Ramsey (Drums)

An old line-up:
Anders Colsefni (Lead Vocals)
Jerry 'Jas' Spargur (Guitars/Backing Vocals)
Tim Flor (Guitars/Backing Vocals)
Jeremy Easley (Bass)
Chad Valasek (Drums/Backing Vocals)

Another old line-up:
Anders Colsefni (Lead Vocals)
JaS Spargur (Guitars/Backing Vocals)
John Hintz (Guitars/Backing Vocals)
Jeremy Easley (Bass)
Greg Sinning (Drums)



'Painface - Demo 1'
1. On A Pale Horse
2. The New Son
3. Sunflowers
4. Polymer

'Fleshcraft' CD (2000)
1. Cave Dancer
2. The New Son
3. Fallen Silent
4. Umbral Quest
5. Failed
6. Step Into The Dark
7. Dead To Me
8. Last Rites
9. Polymer
10. Outward

'On A Pale Horse' EP (2000)
1. Dominion
2. Ash Wednesday
3. Sunflowers
4. Lust
5. On A Pale Horse

'Skullcrusher' EP (CD/Digital) (2014)
1. GunSlinger
2. SkullCrusher
3. Tlalocan
4. The Dominion

'Mortality' (4-volume box set)
Volume 1: 'Concussion' (coming soon)
Volume 2: ?
Volume 3: ?
Volume 4: ?
Note that 'Mortality' is the name of the entire box set which will have 4 separate 6 songs CDs.



Fleshcraft lyrics (with additional notes) submitted by Bogey-Man. Note that lyrics are in individual .docx files contained within a single .zip file. DOWNLOAD



* Description: Painface 2011 is a reinstatement of the power and energy that drove fans to frenzy during shows 10 years ago. New musicians/songwriters, new music, new drive, and 10 more years of experience bring together a truly bonecrushing metal experience. Painface is a scream from the working-class.

* Biography: Painface began in the winter of 1997, following the demise of several Des Moines-area bands. We released a 4-song demo, followed by "Fleshcraft", a 10-song scrapfest back in 2000. Then, in late 2001, Painface became On A Pale Horse. Now, in 2011, Painface has awoken from it's 10-year slumber. And it isn't smiling.

* Anders on recording 'Fleshcraft': "We recorded the entire album in a weekend, with vocals on another separate day, and all mixing after work one night. We wrote songs pretty quickly there for a while, and none of us had the money to drag-out a super long recording project."

* Painface went on to become On A Pale Horse.
* The names of the Fleshcraft album and Skullcrusher EP are often stylized as 'FleshCraft' and 'SkullCrusher', respectively.
* There is another band named Painface that has a song called 'Black Sheep' floating around that is commonly mistaken for Anders' Painface.
* There were two pressings of the Fleshcraft CD. The 1st pressing had 400 copies, made by Mexican Deth Productions (the guitarist, Taco), and the disc had a label with teeth and chicken bones. The 2nd pressing had 1,000 copies, and slightly different artwork, but the songs were all the same.
* With the song 'Tlalocan', the band released their first ever music video in 2013.
* The song 'Lust', off the 'On A Pale Horse' EP, contains most of the lyrics from Slipknot's earlier unreleased song 'Lust Disease'.
* Parts of the song 'Dead To Me', off the 'Fleshcraft' album, were used later in the Vice Grip Throttle song 'Wurm'.