* Name: Anders Colsefni (pseudonym), commonly known, wrongly as Anders Colsefini (with the extra 'I'). Also known as Andrew Colsefni, Andy Colsefni, Anders Rouw, and any other combination of stage name and real name.

* Real Name: Andrew Rouw (yes, rhymes with 'cow')

* Born: April 15th, 1972 - Des Moines, IA

* Zodiac Sign: Aries

* School: Hoover High School, Des Moines, IA (1986 to 1990)

* First Job: A paper route

* Previous Job: First "real" job was McDonald's

* Music: Acid Bath, Down, Deadboy & The Elephantmen... too many others.

* Previous bands/Side-projects: All That Crawls, Body Pit, Inveigh Catharsis, On A Pale Horse, Painface, Slipknot, Slum-Lord, VeXX, Vice Grip Throttle. As of 2011 Anders is currently working on three new projects - details to be released as and when available.

* Collaborations/Contributions: GodKillGod (on a song called 'Save The World'), Green Death (on a song called 'Possessions'), Kiriko (write one song with the singer/guitarist), Project-X/SuperEgo (on a song called 'Dead Weight'), Speechless Alexander (on a song called 'Raise The Fire').

* Quote: "Only one of us walks away"

Mini Biography

Anders co-founded Slipknot along with Shawn 'Clown' Crahan, and was the original vocalist of Slipknot. He'd under seen the recording of Slipknot's EP Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Slipknot thought that in order to make the next transition to find a major label they needed a more radio friendly voice rather than the deep Max Cavalera like grunt of Anders and so they brought in Corey Taylor. The band wanted Anders to do back up vocals and handle percussion, but he got bored of the idea and quit publicly before performing 'Heartache And A Pair Of Scissors' (Scissors) for the last time. After Slipknot, he licked his wounds and formed PAINFACE, and he started where MFKR left off.

For Anders, Painface was like his continuation of Slipknot, after he left. Some of the Painface song lyrics sound like Slipknot's lyrics when Anders was with them. Painface is like an early Slipknot, really. Anders wore his wolfskin skirt in Painface, just like he did in Slipknot. The whole tribal theme remained too. Anders took a couple of Slipknot tracks that he wrote and altered them and made them into songs for Painface, the most commonly known being: Slipknot's 'Lust Disease' = Painface's 'Lust'.


* Is married with two sons and a step-son.
* Has a brother called Ben, who has Multiple Sclerosis.