Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Alternative Metal



Des Moines, Iowa, USA


Years Active

2000 - 2001?



First line-up:
Corey Taylor (Vocals)
Josh Rand (Guitar/Bass)
Drum Machine (Drums)

Later line-up:
Corey Taylor (Vocals)
Josh Rand (Guitar)
Shawn Economaki (Bass)
Danny Spain (Drums)



'Click Here To Exit' (2000)
1. Omega
2. Get Inside
3. Kill Everybody
4. Ending Beginning
5. The Wicked
6. Idle Hands
7. Talk
8. Road Hog
9. Dead/Weight
10. Bother
11. All I Know
12. Silent Type
13. Death Dance Of The Frog Fish



'Dead Weight' lyrics for Anders' part (unconfirmed):

Now as we fight into this bleeding room.
I drink my fill of the agony, spilled from the womb.
My eyes, in the dark I have seen images of my path in ashes.
The room was burnt, like the fresh field on fire.
In the dark as the vengeance crashes.



* SuperEgo was a rendition of Stone Sour after they got together again (around 2000) after a break.
* The project was also called 'Closure' and 'Project X' at different times.
* The album 'Click Here To Exit' is otherwise known as 'Click Here To Enter' or 'Click Here To Enter/Exit'.
* The track 'Dead Weight' is also known as 'Dead/Weight' as really it's two songs merged.
* The first part of the song 'Dead Weight' went on to become 'Rules Of Evidence' on the special edition of Stone Sour's self-titled album, but the latter part of the track is kind of a different song added on and featured a lot of guest vocalists in the shape of many of Des Moines' most influential vocalists.
* The guest vocalists on the track 'Dead Weight' include Anders Colsefni (Slipknot, Painface), Aaron Peltz (downthesun, On A Pale Horse), 'Satone' Stevens (downthesun, Common Diseases Of Swine), Jim Corigliano (Heroic Dose, Odium) and Dizzy Draztik (The Rejects, The Drastics).