The Story Of The Missing Big Toe

It was on one occasion when Slipknot were performing Killers Are Quiet at the end of a set. Anders got really into it as always, and entered a sort of trance-like state. A short while later, Anders accidentally summoned an unforgiving female wolf beast from the Black Furies, on the stage before him. Shocked but a little amused at his power, he leaned forwards to greet his new friend, but the Furies are not tolerant of menfolk, especially those who wear skirts made from the skin of their kin, and saw Anders and his actions as threatening.

The beast, strangely, lunged at Anders and grabbed hold of his left big toe with all its might. Trying desperately to get his toe out of the beast's mouth, Anders went to swipe the beast but missed, and the beast returned the favor by biting off Anders' big toe before fleeing into the darkness of the back alleys in the streets of Iowa.

In agony and losing blood, Anders knew he had to do something fast and just about mustered up the strength to summon his brethren, the Bone Gnawers. These rat-like creatures proceeded at once to gnaw at the stump of bone left on Anders' left foot, where his big toe used to be. They cleaned it up ready for the skin to be healed. The brave Bone Gnawers risked being seen, by other possible Furies in the area, as they themselves summoned the help of the Skindancer. These magical humans got to work immediately and fixed up the skin on Anders' toe to cover the bone and stop the bleeding.

The beast of the Black Furies was never seen again, and it's believed that it made its way back to the Umbra where the tribe keep Anders' toe as a symbol of mankind's weakness and abuse of power.

Traumatized by the whole ordeal, this is the real reason that Anders left Slipknot. And to this day he is constantly reminded of that terrifying night, every time he looks down while in the shower.

A massive thanks to Anders for recalling this emotional event and for granting me permission to exclusively host it.