Vice Grip Throttle

Song Meanings

Zero Over Zero:  That's the blood-pressure reading of DEAD.  That's the winding-down of the planet in that song, pretty-much.

Ashes Of Eden:  Being cast out of your comfortable existence and being forced to face the dawn of uncertainty.  Or something.  lol.

Gutbucket:  Equates a teenager becoming a man with army boot-camp.  Also deals with the struggles of being a step-father.

Stuck On Low:  This is the very first song we wrote, and oh my god the beginning drags on forever.  ack.  heheheh.  This song has no real meaning.  If anything, it's about tearing yourself down and rebuilding.  I have quite a few songs from the past that are about this.  I feel as though I'm always being torn apart and put back together differently.

63 Years:  Just a pretty little Pink Floyd-like instrumental that the guys improvised.  63 years is the intended period of time that the next song waited for rain.

El Innundacio'n:  "The Flood".  I took these words with me from Pale Horse.  They still have the original song "The Flood", so I just put the title in Spanish.  It, once again, is about tearing down and rebuilding by using a desert region getting a long-awaited flood to re-silt the lands so growing may begin again as a metaphor.  It also adds to the mix a person who hasn't been around for the flooding being concerned about the volatile nature of that much water.

Wurm:  Have you seen the movie "The 13th Warrior?"  If not, you must watch it.  It is possibly the best reinactment of my brain over the last 20 years.  It's also the basis for this song.  Viking stuff.  Gotta love it.

Drop Your Halo:  Trying to bring everyone down (or up) to the same level.  No one in particular, however I did just quit my job at the time.  The boss (who was about 10 years younger than me) was targeted in parts of this.